Mom Found Walking Down The Street Carrying Her 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Head In A Bag And She Wasn’t Wearing Any Clothes

13-year-old Kristina Pyanova lived in Kharkiv, Ukraine with her 38-year-old mom named Tatiana Pyanova.

Kristina was cheery and she did great in school. She was just a normal teenage girl.

Tatiana worked as a cleaner to support her daughter Kristina. Although they weren’t rich by any means, Tatiana did everything she could to make sure Kristina had what she needed.

Neighbors said that Kristina and her mom went on vacation together and also enjoyed cooking with each other.

They also explained that Kristina and Tatiana were just a happy little family and Tatiana was nothing but a loving and wonderful mom.

Someone even mentioned that Tatiana would have moved mountains for Kristina.

So how does a mom like this end up doing something so horrific?

Please prepare yourself before reading further, as the details of what happened to Kristina are very graphic and disturbing.

East2west News; 13-year-old Kristina is pictured above

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