Social Media Influencer’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Sadly Passes Away From Very Rare Brain Cancer

Ashley Stock is a social media influencer and her 3-year-old daughter Stevie Lynn Stock was diagnosed with very rare brain cancer about a month ago.

On April 11th, Stevie went to the hospital, and doctors noticed the little girl had a “large mass on her brain.”

After Ashley found this out, she said on Instagram, “I don’t have words. Last night our almost three-year-old daughter, Stevie was admitted to the hospital due to rapidly declining motor function.”

“After several tests, a social worker came and escorted me to a private room where 4 doctors sat waiting.”

“My stomach sank as I accepted the box of tissues handed to me and they delivered the news that our sweet baby girl has a large mass on her brain.”

Ashley went on to say that Stevie had “a form of cancer called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). And it has a 0% survival rate.”

Ashley continued to bravely talk about have Stevie was doing as she and her family did all they could to make sure she was comfortable.

Instagram; Stevie and Ashley are pictured above together

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