Her Step-Sister Slept With Her Fiancé Then Married Him And She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Want To Forgive Them Even Though Her Family Is Insisting She Should

A 28-year-old woman broke things off with her 37-year-old fiancé after she discovered he was cheating on her with her 29-year-old step-sister.

They went on to get married to one another instead of her.

Now, she’s telling the internet she does not want to forgive them, even though her family is insisting she should.

“When I was 23 (now 28), I was engaged to Ryan (was 32, now 37),” she started out by saying.

“Our engagement ended when my stepsister Kelly (was 24, now 29) begged me to leave him because they loved each other but Ryan was too afraid to break up because he didn’t want to hurt me/my family.”

“When I confronted Ryan about it, he denied it, said she had been trying to come on to him for some time and he never mentioned it because he didn’t want to ruin our relationship.”

“He begged me not to believe her and so we continued how we were. Kelly grew resentful and made nasty comments about how I was forcing a man who didn’t even love me to marry me because I had low self-esteem constantly.”

“A month later, she sent me a video of them…in my bed and multiple screenshots of him telling her he loved her, how he wished she was the girl he was marrying, how he hated that I wouldn’t let them be together.”

“I was devastated and angry, but my best friend convinced me not to go nuclear on them and instead to quietly move out when Ryan was at work the next week.”

“So that’s what I did.”

Taylor Heery via Unsplash

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