Her Boyfriend Stole The Money She Saved To Help Her Dog And Spent It On A New Computer

“Everything went well and he wasn’t controlling or abusive. Everything just “clicked” but it’s my fault because I was too comfortable.”

“We were talking about finances and I told him about my debt and the money I was saving up for my dog.”

“After paying off the debt from his previous treatments I didn’t want to open another card so I started saving cash in a little fireproof chest.”

“He stole it.”

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“Yesterday, I went to his place I noticed he has a new setup. I was asking him where he got the money from and we fought and he said “he’s half-dead anyway, you need to let go.”

“He’s not even close to dying. He’s a little older but he’s nowhere near dying age. We go to the veterinarian regularly and everything checks out as well as it can be given his circumstances.”

“No one has ever mentioned death, we’ve only been looking at the future and improvements.”

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“I’m so upset, what do I do? We’re both students I don’t want to call the police and ruin his future but that was for my baby to get what he needed so he can walk around my home comfortably.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“He didn’t steal from the dog he stole from you. Literally theft. Report him to the police and end the relationship. Think about it it’s your savings and you’ve barely been dating. Take the dog out of the equation. He stole from you.”

“If he didn’t want to ruin his future, he shouldn’t have committed a crime.”

“That guy doesn’t care about your feelings or your dog at all. He stole money he knew you needed to treat your baby. He has no empathy and no morality. That could get super dangerous for you in the future if you stay with him.”

“It doesn’t even matter what the money was for. She could have been saving money to buy a life sized statue of Danny Devito, it doesn’t matter, he stole from her to buy something only he can use. That alone is disgusting, this guy just takes it to another level by potentially putting a dog’s life at risk.”

She then added, “I’m on the non-emergency line right now. They’re going to send an officer out and I’ll update when everything is done.”

“I’m too old to cry but I really didn’t want to escalate things or hurt anyone. I really trusted him.”

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