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Hilaria Baldwin Broke Her Ankle After A Car Sped Past Her While She Was Out For A Run

Hilaria shared a post on Instagram 2 hours ago detailing what happened to her on the run. “I broke my ankle yesterday because you know…2020,” she started out by saying.

She then said she was running when a car sped past her on a part of the road that didn’t have a shoulder or sidewalk.

Hilaria did see a berm, so she was able to get on top of it so she could get out of the way of the car and avoid potentially being hit.

Instagram; Hilaria posted this photo of her and Eduardo along with her sad news

“I ran up on to the berm to avoid the car and as I was returning to the road, I fell and broke my ankle,” she continued.

“It was silly and I’m frustrated and sad…but I’m determined to be positive and heal as quickly as possible.”

Hilaria mentioned she’s the most upset over the fact that she can’t pick her children up and carry them around right now because of her injury.

She also encouraged her followers to not speed and to be careful of other people sharing the road.

“Reminder: if you are on a country road: don’t speed and please slow down around runners, bikers, children and go around. It’s worth the extra few seconds it takes you.”

Instagram; Hilaria posted this photo of her splint that her children decorated 

Hilaria wrapper her post up by thanking the man who saw what happened and took the time to help her.

“Thank you to John…the kind man who stopped and helped me up from the road and waited with me until Alec came—forever grateful.”

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