Psychologist Drugged Her Daughters Before Shooting Them And Taking Her Own Life

Michele was married but estranged from her husband, and the couple had two 7-year-old twin daughters together named Katie and Mairy.

Following their decision to no longer live under one roof as a family, Michele and her husband had disagreed over how they would split custody of Katie and Mairy.

It became far more than just a conflict. The custody dispute turned deadly.

Facebook; pictured above one of the twins sits on a chair in Michele’s office

On October 20th, Michele and her husband went to court, where a judge decided they needed to share joint custody of the girls. It seems that set Michele off.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office explained in a press release that this court ruling, “appears to have been the precipitating event that led to her decision.”

What Michele managed to do next is hard to begin to understand. It’s cold, it’s calculating, and authorities say Michele spent days planning it all out before she went through with it.

Facebook; pictured above Katie and Mairy smile with each other 

4 days after appearing in court, Michele’s roommate called authorities to report that he had found her and the girls dead in an upstairs bedroom.

Authorities are now saying Michele drugged Katie and Mairy with “a large amount of sedatives which probably rendered them incoherent at the time of the incident.”

As the girls fell asleep, Michele used a gun to shoot them both to death before taking her own life.

Autopsies have been performed on Michele, Katie, and Mairy, which all support that this mom murdered her children, then turned the weapon on herself.

Facebook; Michele smiles, above

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office also said, “She clearly stated her suicidal ideations and that she would never leave her daughters alone without her.”

Michele’s husband has an alibi and Michele remains “the only suspect.” Looking through Michele’s Facebook page, you can see she shared 12 different chilling posts relating to suicide and narcissistic parents in the hours leading up to the tragic events.

The heartbreaking obituary for Katie and Mairy says, “Katie and Mairy’s smiles brightened everyone’s day as they brought constant rays of sunshine to their beloved Bellingham. Their giggles and sisterly love will forever be embedded in our hearts and memories.”

Facebook; the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office shared the above post relating to the incident

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