Mom Asks The Internet If She Took Things Too Far By Medically Tattooing Her 16-Month-Old Son

A 31-year-old mom is on the internet asking if she took things too far by medically tattooing her 16-month-old son.

She explained that she and her husband spent 5 years trying to get pregnant, and eventually they had twin fraternal boys; Adam and Jack.

Jack unfortunately has a medical condition. “Without going into detail, requires a shot once a week,” she said.

“Once he is older he can take pills. I went back to work and MIL offered to watch the babes (she’s wonderful, I trust her 100%. They were 9months…Now 16months) during this time she would give his injection as we had a schedule. 10 am before snack and nap.”

“Worked very well until a month ago when she gave the shot to the wrong kid.”

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