Her Husband Is Very Close With An 18-Year-Old Girl And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Wants Him To Stop Their Friendship

“I was never as good-looking as she is now but as much as I do like her, she is a reminder of who I was 16 years and 30lbs ago,” she admitted.

“I am also jealous that she seems so easy-going and carefree while I’m stressed out all the time.”

She then said her husband has been in Ashely’s life ever since she was a few hours old, and he’s essentially played the role of her older brother all along.

“Like I said, I’ve always really like Ashley (I’ve known her since she was about 10, so in my own way I’ve watched her grow up) but that awful, ugly jealousy has been present since she’s started to mature.”

“Things really came to a head this past weekend when my husband got a call at about 10pm from Ashley saying that she had been at a party in our town (she actually lives about 45 minutes away) and had a flat tire and she could not get the nuts loose.”

Ashley asked her husband if he could help and bring his wrench. He didn’t hesitate to leave right away to help Ashley.

But…he never made it home that evening.

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