After Her Stepdad Moved In He Started Acting Inappropriately Towards Her And She’s Begging The Internet For Help

A 20-year-old woman says her 49-year-old stepdad and his son just moved in with her and her mom.

Not long after that, her stepdad started acting inappropriately towards her, and now she’s begging the internet for help.

She’s embarrassed and insists her mom will not take her seriously if she tells her.

“Hi. I am terrified of being alone in my own house right now,” she started out by saying.

“My stepfather and my mother have been married for a year, but he and his son just recently moved in.”

She really does love her stepdad and thought nothing but good things about him in the 5 years prior to him moving in.

“But I never lived with him, and now that I do, I’m experiencing something I never thought would happen to me,” she admitted.

A few weeks following her stepdad moving in, she was at home, all alone with him. They were sitting in the living room, chatting, and he steered the conversation towards her boyfriend.

“I don’t have one, and he then asked me if I was into “older guys” (my last bf was 25, and I think that’s an appropriate age to date at my age),” she said.

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