She’s Going Back On Agreeing To Be Her Sister’s Surrogate After She And Her Husband Made A Bizarre Request

A young woman is asking the internet if she’s in the wrong for going back on agreeing to be her sister’s surrogate…after her sister and her husband made a pretty bizarre request.

When you hear what the request is, I’m sure if you were in her position you would be going back on the deal too.

“For most of my life my sister Alice has been wanting kids but has been unable to carry a baby to full term, in part due to endometriosis,” she started out by saying.

“She was in a lot of pain and had to have a hysterectomy.”

Alice, along with her husband named Ben, decided to foster 5 children. They ended up adopting 2 children that have autism.

They truly are wonderful parents. They provide a great home life, and they are well-off when it comes to money.

“But recently Ben and after a while, Alice was bitten by the urge to have a kid biologically related to them because they wanted a chance to “do things right” and “provide the best start in life” (their views, not mine),” she continued.

“So they asked me to be their (traditional) surrogate and said that they would cover all costs (legal, medical, etc.) associated with it.”

“They would be also be paying off my student dent, renting a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 years plus giving me a substantial amount of cash.”

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