His Wife Racked Up Over 1,000 Matches On Tinder Without Him Knowing So He Turned To The Internet For Help

He wasn’t trying to be nosy at all, but he did happen to see the notification was for a tinder match. Since his wife was in the same room, he did not start going through her phone, but he was definitely upset.

“I couldn’t sleep that night for obvious reasons, and my wife finally knocked out around one in the morning (baby keeps us both up),” he explained.

“My curiosity getting the best of me, I open her phone (we each have our fingerprints registered on the other’s phone).”

“She has over 1,000 matches. I didn’t dare look at the conversations. It would’ve killed me. I put the phone down, and don’t sleep at all that night.”

“It’s around a week later, and I’ve probably slept a total of 13 hours since then. I can’t eat; when my wife asks what’s wrong, I just chalk it up to my work, which is also getting effected. I’m at a loss, Reddit.”

“I can’t talk to my friends about this, since a lot of them are also close with my wife, and I’m not sure she’s actually met up with any of the matches, so I don’t want to make a big deal over nothing.”

The internet overwhelmingly agreed there was no reason for his wife to have Tinder on her phone at all.

He then provided an update on the situation.

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So, he took his wife out to brunch and confronted her as soon as they were done. “She told me that she uses it as a confidence booster, something not so surprising.”

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