This Adorable Little Boy Was Bullied At School Over His Unique Halloween Costume But After His Mom Had A Heart-To-Heart With Him He Courageously Returned Just In Time For The Halloween Party

Cottleville, Missouri. If you don’t know who Tony Stark is, allow me to fill you in; he’s a Marvel superhero played by the actor Robert Downey Jr., and he was the inspiration behind the Halloween costume that one little boy in Cottleville decided to wear to school recently.

A few days ago, 10-year-old Evan excitedly put on his Tony Stark costume, and he posed on his front porch so that his mom, Jill Struckman, could snap some photos of his adorable look.

Her post quickly went viral and it’s easy to see why! Evan really was about to walk into school that morning in a unique and cool costume that I bet none of the other kids had.

So, Evan boarded the school bus, and off he went. He also had a Halloween party later on in the day at school that he was really looking forward to.

Facebook; pictured above is Evan in his Tony Stark costume

Well, Evan wasn’t gone long before he called Jill, and she was crushed by what her son had to say to her.

“Got a call from Evan at school 20 minutes after he left on the bus,” Jill wrote in a Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Evan in his cool costume

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