A 16-Year-Old High School Girl Went Missing In 1971 And Is Believed To Be The First Victim Of A Washington Serial Killer

Officials believe that Jamie was the first victim of a serial killer who was suspected of murdering 6 young women from Vancouver.

The killer’s crimes occurred from January 10, 1972, to October 1, 1974, just shortly after Jamie’s disappearance.

Moreover, her belongings were found at a bridge crossing near a trail where two other victims were also discovered.

The killer has since been tried and sentenced to life in prison for the death of one woman in 1978.

Nonetheless, Jamie’s remains have never been recovered, and her family is still hoping to find answers.

They have created a website to tell Jamie’s story, as well as a Facebook group to keep the community updated with any developments.

And if you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jamie Grissim, you are encouraged to contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 397-2024.

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