Her Friend Is Having A Game of Thrones Themed Wedding And The Whole Thing Isn’t Going To Be In English So She Wants To Skip Out On Going

Nadtochiy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman has a friend named Lexa who is going to be tying the knot shortly. The thing is, though, Lexa and her soon-to-be-husband are completely and utterly obsessed with the show Game of Thrones.

Lexa and her groom have watched the entire show 5 or more times, and their whole house is full of accessories and decor from the show.

So, naturally, Lexa and her groom decided that they absolutely needed to make their wedding have a theme; Game of Thrones.

“I am perfectly fine with the idea of a themed wedding,” she explained. “I am even ok with the Game of Thrones dress/costume for the wedding.”

“The only thing I can’t seem to get behind is the fact that the majority of the wedding will be conducted in High Valyrian (for those who don’t know, it’s a made-up language from Game of Thrones).

That’s right; Lex and her groom are choosing to have their entire wedding (ceremony plus reception plus every single toast or speech) not in English but in High Valyrian.

Additionally, their wedding is not close to home at all, it’s a destination event, so this young woman is struggling to see how it makes sense for her to even attend this.

She can’t speak High Valyrian, let alone understand it, which means the whole time, she will have no clue what’s even going on at the wedding.

“I mentioned that I was having doubts to Lexa, and she got really mad at me because I had originally said I could go before I knew it was in High Valyrian,” she said.

Nadtochiy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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