His Sister Called The Cops And Accused Him Of Stealing A Family Heirloom Ring Last Year, So He’s Now Refusing To Invite His Sister To His Wedding

Glass Hat Pro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

This thirty-year-old man has a younger sister named Julie, who is twenty-five. And last year, Julie was in line to inherit his great-grandmother’s ring since she was the firstborn female on his mother’s side of the family.

At the time, though, his girlfriend– Laura– saw the ring and thought it was absolutely gorgeous. In fact, Laura even claimed that one day, she wanted a wedding ring just like it.

Don’t worry, though, Laura had no intention of actually taking that ring, and neither did he. Instead, he came up with a pretty brilliant idea.

Since he was planning on proposing to Laura anyway, he decided to get a custom ring made to resemble the one Julie was going to inherit. So, he found a jewelry maker and showed them photos of the heirloom.

“But, the jewelry maker said that it would be better if they could actually see the ring in person. So, I went to my mom (the current holder of the ring), explained the situation, and even showed the invoice before asking if I could borrow it,” he explained.

And his mother ultimately agreed to let him take the ring to the jeweler just for the proposal’s sake. Unfortunately, though, this is where the story takes a tragic turn.

Apparently, the jeweler had to hold onto the ring for about forty-eight hours after he brought it into the shop.

And after those two days, he went to pick up the ring and bring it back to his mother’s house when he received a devastating phone call.

He learned that Laura had been in a serious accident and needed emergency surgery immediately.

Glass Hat Pro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

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