His Sister Called The Cops And Accused Him Of Stealing A Family Heirloom Ring Last Year, So He’s Now Refusing To Invite His Sister To His Wedding

So, at that moment, he did not think about anything except his future fiancé and rushed to the hospital to be with her, as well as Laura’s mother and sister. But thankfully, after the surgery, the doctors said that Laura was going to be okay.

“I was so relieved and agreed to drive Laura’s sister back to their house and then go back to the hospital,” he recalled.

After dropping Laura’s sister off, though, he decided to head to his own house in order to squeeze in a quick shower. But once he got there, he came face to face with his parents, Julie, and the police, all waiting for him.

Apparently, Julie had found out that his mother had loaned him the ring, and his sister assumed that he had lied about just needing to borrow it.

So, Julie ran up and began accusing him of being a thief and demanding that he give the family heirloom back.

He also learned that his parents had tried to step in and calm Julie down before she went to the police.

But, when he did not pick up his phone– due to bad cell reception in the hospital, might I add– Julie became impatient and reported him for theft.

Obviously, though, he had no intention of keeping the ring and ended up giving it back to Julie on the spot.

Then, he informed his family about the accident Laura had been in before leaving them all standing in front of his house like total jerks.

Still, his sister Julie had already done some pretty bad damage to his reputation. Apparently, she had begun trashing him all over social media and did not take down the posts until she learned about Laura’s accident.

Thankfully, though, most of his family was very apologetic about the misunderstanding, and they all attempted to move on.

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