She Was The Product Of An Affair, So Her In-Law’s Plan To Throw Her A Genealogy-Themed Baby Shower Is Super Triggering To Her, So She Wants To Not Go

“I was bounced around. Aged out of foster care. Decided to track down my mom, hoping what I was told was wrong, but it wasn’t and was still very true for her. I reached out to my siblings to see if they had changed how they felt about me, but they hadn’t.”

At that point in her life, it finally hit her; she did not have a family, and she was all on her own in the world.

None of her relatives wanted her in their lives, and none of them loved her at all. It’s easy to see why the genealogy-themed baby shower is upsetting to her, as she has no happy family photos or nice stories about her family that she can share at the shower.

Everything will be entirely one-sided, as her husband is the only one with a supportive, wonderful family.

“Despite knowing all this, two of the sisters are still insisting the theme is going ahead because it’s what this family does,” she said. “I really don’t want to be surrounded by that and the sadness it brings me. I told them how uncomfortable it made me, but they dismissed it. My husband’s mom and his youngest sister are trying to get them to change it, but…”

It’s looking like her in-laws will not accommodate her wishes and change the theme. She did say to them it might be best for her to skip out on the party, and they could just have a get-together for themselves, but they accused her of being impolite, as they put a lot of work into the party.

She’s left wondering if it would be mean of her not to go to the party. Do you think so?

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