He Switched His Wife And Sister’s Christmas Presents At The Last Minute, Giving His Sister The Dyson Airwrap His Wife Had Really Wanted, And Now His Mom And Aunt Are Appalled

Honestly, though, his mom and aunt think that it is just too little too late and that the gift will not have the same “Christmas magic.”

So now, with his mom and aunt mad at him, and his wife upset, he has been left wondering if switching his wife and sister’s presents at the last minute was a really bad move or not.

Is it understandable why he wanted to make his sister happy during a turbulent period in her life? At the same time, should he have placed his sister’s needs before his own wife’s? Is it ironic that he got his sister the Dyson because her ex-husband never did, and now he is doing the same to his wife? Are his mom and sister right that switching the gifts makes him a jerk?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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