Her Partner’s Family Intentionally Tossed All Of Her Sentimental Christmas Decorations, Even Though They Offered To Let Her Store Those Things In Their Home

volurol - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman who is in her 20s has a partner who is also in her 20s. She’s been with her partner for 4 years now, and they live in an extremely tiny apartment together.

Due to the size of their apartment and the fact that they can’t really splurge on storage space, her partner’s parents offered to let her keep her things at their house.

She accepted that offer, which she said was very gracious of them, and so, she neatly packed up her belongings into totes and carefully labeled them before taking them over to her partner’s parents.

“This stuff was mostly sentimental and Christmas items, many of them from my childhood and reminders of when my parents were still together and my grandfather was still alive,” she explained.

“Most of it was passed down to me, and I treasured those items so dearly because Christmas is my favorite time of year, and many of the items I owned came from family that isn’t around anymore.”

“My mom let us know recently that she had plenty of room in her storage for anything we wanted to save, so we decided to take my Christmas stuff & my partner’s items from my partner’s family, use it to decorate for the holidays, and then permanently relocate it into my mom’s storage unit.”

She and her partner then stopped by her in-law’s house to get their things that were in storage there.

She was absolutely shocked to discover that her belongings were missing, yet her partner’s things were still right there.

She had labeled everything she brought over, and she found it extremely suspicious that her stuff was gone.

volurol – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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