Her Partner’s Family Intentionally Tossed All Of Her Sentimental Christmas Decorations, Even Though They Offered To Let Her Store Those Things In Their Home

Adding to that, her in-laws really weren’t concerned at all that her sentimental belongings were not there where she had left them.

At the end of the day, her in-laws told her to come back the following weekend and they planned on helping her search the house for her belongings.

When she and her partner arrived the following weekend, her in-laws were completely MIA.

Instead of helping her look for her things, her in-laws went shopping. Her partner helped her, and they tore the whole house apart, but they didn’t find a single one of her missing items.

“I’ve been devastated ever since. We don’t have the funds or means to replace anything. In addition, it was irreplaceable— the sentimental value of that stuff cannot be replaced EVER,” she said.

“It completely broke my heart and I knew it was going to put a damper on my holiday season— I love to decorate for the holidays and knowing all the memories of my childhood were just given away was infuriating.”

Song_about_summer – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual decorations

She always worried that her in-laws didn’t like her, and she feels like the fact that they intentionally got rid of her sentimental items only confirms that fear.

Her partner confronted her in-laws, who refused to help replace anything they got rid of.

They also then tried to say they insisted multiple times that she needed to come to get her stuff out of their house, but they never said that to her or her partner at all.

“I truly don’t know how to feel, and my partner and I are shocked and saddened,” she continued. “I have had an incredibly hard year between my mental health, finances, and overall wellbeing.”

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