She Canceled Christmas With Her Husband’s Family And Then Said Their Gifts Are Just Clutter Anyway, So They Think She’s A Villian

“On New Year’s Eve, he ended up having another outburst where he threw glasses and bottles and a crystal platter at my husband, gashing his head open,” she explained.

“He then went up to his room, came back down with a gun we didn’t know he had, and threatened my husband with it. To my terror, my husband bleeding profusely from his head, ‘called his bluff’ and said, “what are you going to shoot me? Just shoot me, then?” BIL ran up the driveway, standing about 5 feet from me, held the gun to his own temple, and then simultaneously screamed, pulled down the gun, firing 3 shots into the ground. He fled. The police stormtroopered through my whole house, including the nursery.”

Wow. So since then, she has completely cut all contact with her brother-in-law and encouraged her husband to do the same until he agrees to get some kind of treatment or help.

She’s open to allowing him back into their lives, but he has to show progress, and he has not.

This leads us back to Christmas this year; her husband’s family is upset that she won’t allow her brother-in-law to come to her house.

The thing is, though, her in-laws spend a ton of time with her brother-in-law, so she can’t see why they can’t just come to Christmas without him.

“They said they would only stop by to exchange presents and leave,” she said. “This made me angry, so I told them if they don’t want to visit with us then to forget the whole thing because presents aren’t what it’s about, gifts are just clutter. Now I’m being cast as the villain for canceling Christmas.”

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to cancel Christmas with her in-laws over this. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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