He Refused To Let His Friend And His Friend’s Fiancé Move In With Him After They Encountered Some Financial Struggles, And Now He Is Getting Accused Of Being A Terrible Person

Syda Productions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual couple

This twenty-eight-year-old guy has two close friends. His friend Tom is twenty-nine, and Tom’s fiancé, Kat, is thirty-one.

Unfortunately, though, Tom and Kat recently entered some financial trouble and are currently unable to afford their rent.

So, as it stands, the couple can either move in with Kat’s parents– who live about two hours away. Or, his friends could move in with him until they find a new place to rent.

And, of course, Tom and Kat would rather move in with him. Right now, he lives alone in a three-bedroom house– so they believe he has ample space.

Plus, the process would be easier for them since Tom and Kat could remain near Tom’s work and their other friends.

Finally, there are a ton of parks near his house. So, Kat would be able to take her dogs for walks anytime.

Obviously, though, those are all perks that benefit his friends. But honestly, the thought of living with not just one but two people really does not sit well with him.

First of all, he has one room that he uses as his bedroom. Then, the other two rooms already have designated purposes in his life: one is a home office, and the other is his library.

“Furthermore, I love the feeling of coming home to an empty house. Everything is as I left it, and I can properly unwind,” he explained.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual couple

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