Her Friend Kept Making Rude Remarks About Her Culture, And How Her Adult Sisters Still Live With Her Parents, So She Said A Savage Comeback, And Now Her Friends Think She Needs To Apologize

Daniel Ernst - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few weeks ago, this twenty-five-year-old woman decided to host a dinner party at her place. So, she invited a group of friends, and everyone had been having a great time.

Well, that was until the topic of moving out and charging adult children rent came up.

For context, she is not from America. So, she admitted that she had no idea that was even a common practice here in the states. Plus, after learning about it, she decided to share her honest perspective with her friends.

“I told my friends that in Brazil, this would be looked down upon and that I did not know a single person who paid rent to their parents,” she recalled.

In fact, she pointed out how she has three adult sisters who all live “at home,” and not one of them pays a cent in rent.

Finally, she claims to have “finished up her speech” by saying that it was totally fine if her friends disagreed with her.

However, she said that she personally would never choose to charge her children rent unless she was struggling financially.

Instead of being receptive to her perspective on this, though, one of her friends named Amy, who is twenty-seven, hit her with a pretty rude comment.

In fact, Amy claimed that “someone from a third world country would not understand,” and then even tried to say that her sisters should not “freeload.”

Daniel Ernst – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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