Her Friend Kept Making Rude Remarks About Her Culture, And How Her Adult Sisters Still Live With Her Parents, So She Said A Savage Comeback, And Now Her Friends Think She Needs To Apologize

She was understandably taken aback by that, first of all. But then, she tried to explain the situation to Amy.

She told Amy that first, her parents love having her sisters around, so no one else viewed it as “freeloading.”

Plus, she pointed out how it was actually common, if not expected, for people to live with their parents until they either found a long-term partner or got married.

Amy still just did not get it, though, and accused her culture of being “backward.”

“But I tried not to get offended over her choice of words, and I said, ‘Agree to disagree,'” she noted.

Just a couple of days ago, though, she decided to host her friends again for another dinner party. And during that event, she got to announce that her older sister was engaged.

But, while this news was supposed to be happy and exciting, Amy took it as another opportunity to make even more rude comments about her culture.

In fact, Amy actually proceeded to ask if her sister was “finally going to grow up now, or if mommy and daddy will pay rent for her elsewhere.”

And at that point, she was understandably sick and tired of Amy’s little comments. So, she finally told her friend off.

First, she told Amy that her sister and new brother-in-law would be buying their own condo without any help.

Then, she claimed that perhaps Amy would be able to do the same soon if Amy’s parents did not charge her one thousand dollars of rent plus utilities each month.

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