A Guide To Properly Cleaning Your Down Comforter, Because I Know You’re Curious

Also, refrain from using bleach or fabric softener. These liquids will reduce the quality of your down comforter. If you don’t have a large enough washing machine and don’t want to make a trip to the laundromat, you can hand wash your down comforter instead.

Wash your comforter using warm water in a clean bathtub or large sink. Fill the tub or sink up and mix a gentle, down-safe detergent in the water.

Next, gently press the comforter into the water. Don’t twist or wring it because that might cause some damage. Allow it to soak in the soapy water for about fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, drain the tub and press down on the comforter once more to squeeze out as much water as you can.

You might want to repeat the process without using detergent to rinse any remaining suds away. Once the comforter is washed, it’s time to move on to drying.

If you’re machine drying, again, make sure your dryer will fit the comforter. Spread the comforter out as much as possible to avoid excessive bunching. Use wool dryer balls to speed up the drying process and to help fluff the feathers back up.

Set the dryer to low heat, and every thirty minutes, remove the comforter and shake it free from clumps. The drying might take a while, so you’ll need to have some patience. When the comforter is mostly dry, you can remove it from the dryer and hang it on a clothesline outside to finish drying. Just make sure it’s a warm, sunny day.

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