She Said Something Really Awful In A Heated Argument With Her Boyfriend, And He Has Since Taken A Screenshot Of What She Said And Is Not Willing To Delete The Evidence

“I am so ashamed of myself and disturbed that he wants to keep this memorial of me at my absolute lowest, meanest, and insecure.”

“I understand that he has the right to process what happened however he needs to, but I feel like he’s using them as a means of punishing himself. He says the blame is solely on him.”

She has asked him several times now to delete the screenshots of what she said, but he won’t do it.

She even tried to explain to him how important it was for him to delete the evidence, but he still refuses to do so.

She’s wondering how she can “convince” him to get rid of the screenshots. How do you think she can go about doing this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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