After Her Ex Purchased A New Luxury Car For Himself, She Said She’s Going To File For Child Support, And Now He’s Upset That He Could Have To Pay Her A Lot of Money

opolja - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her ex-boyfriend split up before their child was born and have not been together since.

They handle the challenges of co-parenting quite well together, and no matter what happens, she always has her daughter’s best interest at heart.

Her daughter is 10-months-old, and the whole time that her daughter has been alive, she has received $430 in child support.

At a $100,000 salary, her ex is making double what she currently makes, but she hasn’t wanted to stir up any drama by bringing up her concerns with the court.

They were getting along just fine, and he was paying for the baby’s formula. However, they had agreed that when she started going to work again, they would split the cost of daycare, and so far, she has paid for it in full. From that point on, the issues only started to get worse.

“He said with the cost of living increases and such; he is struggling a bit. I totally understand that this is the reality for many people right now, and I’m not out for him to finance my life or anything like that,” she explained.

However, shortly after this conversation, her ex ended up purchasing a luxury vehicle. At this point, she tried to have an upfront conversation about needing assistance paying for the child’s daycare and how she felt like this wasn’t too big of an ask.

In response, he claimed that she didn’t understand the struggle he was under because she lives in an inherited home and does not have to pay a mortgage as he does.

“This, of course, ticked me off because I certainly can’t afford to go buy a third very expensive vehicle, mortgage or no mortgage,” she explained.

opolja – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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