Her Stepsister Accused Her of Being A Gold Digger, So She Called Her Jealous

vpavlyuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s funny how when we get older, we sometimes go on to live totally different lives from our siblings. 

One woman got into a fight with her stepsister after she called her jealous because she accused her of being a gold digger. 

She’s 29-years-old and married to a doctor. She’s the mom of three kids under 10, and she doesn’t have to work because of her husband’s salary.

“I was planning on working for a couple of years and had a few job offers, but my daughter happened sooner than we’d planned, so I decided to just stay home,” she said.

“While it is quite nice that I can afford to stay home, money was definitely not the main reason why I married my husband. I love him because of his personality.”

Her stepsister, whom she sees often, lives a very different life. She also has three children and lives with her boyfriend.

Neither of them have degrees and they don’t work very high-paying jobs. She tries to help out her stepsister by babysitting from time to time.

Unfortunately, she believes her stepsister is jealous of her lifestyle, and it showed at a recent family barbecue. 

She was talking to her mom about the beautiful jewelry her husband had given her for their recent fifth wedding anniversary when her stepfather and stepsister walked over to them.

vpavlyuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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