His Wife Asked For More Help Around The House And Made Him A Chore List, So He Made Her A Financial Chart And Told Her To Start Contributing To Their Joint Expenses

Thursdays were designated as window cleaning and dusting days. Finally, on Fridays, his wife wanted him to clean off their porch.

Anyway, he found this to be a bit ridiculous, which is why he approached his wife this morning.

“I told her she’s right, and we should be equal partners for all responsibilities,” he revealed.

Then, he presented his wife with a written financial chart displaying all of their joint expenses that he wanted her to start contributing to.

He pointed out how he currently makes 70% of their monthly income; meanwhile, his wife makes 30%. So, he claimed that he would pay for 70% of their joint expenses, and his wife would cover the remaining 30%. This did not go over well with his wife, who ultimately became really annoyed with him.

“Now she’s [angry] at me for asking for her to help with finances,” he vented.

So, he’s now wondering whether he took it too far and making his wife her own financial list was a jerky thing to do.

Didn’t he ask his wife to tell him how he could help? Was it petty for him to go back and make his own “list?” How do you think he can resolve their differences? What would you do in his shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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