She Accepted A Ride Home From A Creepy Stranger One Night, And Then He Left A Weird Voicemail For Her

DENNIS AGLASTER - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

On a night like any other, at 9 p.m. about two months ago, this man’s ex-girlfriend was waiting for a bus to go home after a trip with her friends.

Her bus didn’t arrive, and in the meantime, others were getting on their bus to go home. She was alone waiting and was exhausted from her trip.

He texted her to make sure she was okay, and he advised her to keep waiting for the bus in a brightly lit area with more people around. After that, he fell asleep.

An hour later, a driver pulled up in front of her. The man looked to be about 40-years-old. What happened next made his ex-girlfriend extremely nervous.

“He opened the car door and said something like, ‘Hey sweetie, come in; I’ll get you back home. It’s okay; there’s no need to worry. It’s very late, so you should come in,” he explained.

Understandably, his ex-girlfriend was terrified because this man’s car drove up from out of the dark. However, she decided that since she was so tired, she would get in the man’s car, and she thought that it would all turn out okay and she would get home safely.

Soon after she got in the man’s car, though, she became uneasy. The man didn’t start the car, and then he turned his face toward her while simultaneously locking the door. Then, things got even creepier.

“The man said to her, ‘Let’s go somewhere we can eat together. You seem hungry, no?’ She said that she had already eaten and tried something: She did a fake call and said with a higher voice, ‘Oh yeah, really? Are you near the bus stop? Okay, okay, I’ll come with you right now,'” he said.

Quickly on her feet, she told the man that her friends were coming to pick her up and he needed to let her out of the car. But before she got out of the car, the man asked for her phone number.

DENNIS AGLASTER – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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