She Has A Recipe For Ocean Jello, And It’s Perfect To Enjoy At A Summer Pool Party Or Beach Outing

TikTok - @lauren.clutter

If you want to make a splash this summer and have your kids think you’re the coolest parent ever, you need to make an ocean-themed treat.

TikToker Lauren (@lauren.clutter) is demonstrating how she made an ocean jello dessert that’s perfect for enjoying at a summer pool party or beach outing.

If you’re staying indoors, turn on an ocean-themed film, such as The Little Mermaid or Finding Dory, and host a movie night!

Additionally, it’s an exciting edible craft idea that your kids will love to help put together. Getting the kids involved in this will make a fun time even more memorable.

Start by making blue jello according to the packet’s instructions. Pour the jello into a glass baking dish and stir it around to fill the entire container.

Next, drop a handful of Swedish Fish into the jello before it sets. Then, crush up some golden Oreos.

Once the jello has set, layer the crumbs of golden Oreos onto one side of the jello to resemble sand at the beach.

On the other end, spread on Cool Whip to make it look like ocean foam. Then, arrange some peach rings and Teddy Grahams so it appears as if they are floating on the water in pool tubes.

You can also stick mini cocktail umbrellas in the sand to add to the beachy vibes. This is what summers were made for!

It is not recommended to prepare ocean jello ahead of time. Instead, serve the dessert immediately upon completion. The longer it sits, the higher the chances are of the candy fish becoming soggy.

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