She’s Tired Of People Claiming That Looks Don’t Matter, And Believes They Matter More Than Anything Else If You’re “Ugly”

DavidPrado - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

One woman recently took to Reddit to express her anger over one common phrase: “Looks don’t matter.”

According to her, looks are actually paramount and matter way more than anything else. Well, if you’re “ugly.”

“Discrimination against looks is something that transcends race, gender, and [orientation]. As humans, we are naturally drawn to more aesthetically pleasing faces that have more symmetry and harmony,” she explained.

“Even in the animal kingdom, the undesirable will die off faster than the rest.”

So, she claims that “pretty privilege” is 100% real and believes that ordinary people can still benefit from the phenomenon with proper confidence and stellar styling.

But, she claimed that no matter how confident or well-styled an “ugly person” is, they will always be seen and treated as just that– ugly.

That’s why she wholeheartedly knows that looks do matter and points toward a myriad of examples in society that prove her point.

If appearance did not matter, for instance, then the cosmetic surgery industry would not make billions off of people’s insecurities, and influencers would not rake in heaps of cash from “doing the bare minimum” behind the camera lens.

If looks didn’t matter, advertisers also would not seek out the most beautiful models to be the faces of their companies, and Hollywood actors who aren’t “model-level pretty” would not get pigeonholed into playing “ugly” roles.

DavidPrado – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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