Her Parents Want Her To Help Financially Support Her Brother’s Family Because He Has Three Kids, And She Doesn’t Have Any Yet

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This 29-year-old woman is the only girl in her family and has six brothers. She also has a whopping 20 nieces and nephews!

According to her, her family is in a “weird cult.” So, as a child, she was taught that having children was the ultimate end goal.

“I hated growing up like this, and I promised myself I wouldn’t have kids until I was secure in my career and marriage,” she said.

That’s why, even though she is currently married, she doesn’t plan to have children right now. Instead, she hopes to have kids sometime within the next decade.

Until then, she plans to enjoy her life and save up money until she feels comfortable starting a family.

Her five oldest brothers, on the other hand, all work as tradesmen. So, they make a solid living to financially support their families.

However, her youngest brother realized that he had a chance to break the mold and get out of her traditional family. He wound up going ROTC, and everything was working out wonderfully.

Well, that was until her brother visited home for Christmas a few years ago, and her family started berating him for not yet starting a family.

This pushed her brother to begin having kids. And now, he has a stay-at-home wife who watches his three kids but absolutely no money.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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