His Brother-In-Law Shamed His Teenage Son For Going To Therapy After Suffering The Loss Of His Best Friend

It soon became clear that his brother-in-law must have overheard his son, too, because all of a sudden, his brother-in-law went off on a rant about how boys did not need therapy. To make matters worse, his brother-in-law then proceeded to call his son a girl.

“I probably wouldn’t have reacted as much if my son hadn’t been there,” he prefaced.

“But my son was visibly hurt by what he was saying.”

That’s why he got really annoyed and told his brother-in-law to bug off. He also claimed that his son was more of a man than his brother-in-law was.

Now, he revealed that he wanted to say even more to his brother-in-law. However, he didn’t want to make his son any more upset.

“And I admit that I might have gone a little too far, but I was defending my son,” he added.

“I don’t think someone who shames someone else for being healthy….is being a ‘man.'”

Anyway, after he said that, his brother-in-law just glared at him before storming out of the family gathering. Afterward, his wife said that they were leaving, so he and his son got up and left.

Later that night, his son didn’t really say much about the situation. His wife, on the other hand, was seriously upset at him for telling off his brother-in-law.

She accused him of being disrespectful, even though he tried to explain how he was attempting to defend their son.

Regardless, his wife didn’t agree with how he handled the situation, and she has ignored him ever since.

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