She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Drove For 40 Minutes Without Even Telling Her Where They Were Going, And After Arriving At A Restaurant, He Proceeded To Be Rude To Their Waiter

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

People are always drawn to bad dating stories, whether it’s for the entertainment or because they can relate to one themselves. There’s just something satisfying about coming across the details of someone’s horrifying romantic endeavors and knowing they lived to tell the tale on TikTok.

Are you looking to improve your dating game? If so, don’t take any tips from this guy that one woman went out with. TikToker Megan Sherer (@healwithmegs) is talking about the first and only worst date she’s ever been on.

“I had honestly never had a truly bad date before that one. I’d had boring dates and dates without chemistry, but this one takes the cake for worst date,” she wrote in the caption of her video.

So, the horror started the minute she stepped foot in his car when he showed up to pick her up for their date.

Looking back, Megan noted that getting into the vehicle with him was her first mistake because she really had not known him well enough to be doing that.

From all the bad dating stories I’ve read, I’ve gathered that it’s a very common error that women tend to make, which is why I’ll always advise that you have your own means of transportation on a first date.

Then, he proceeded to drive forty miles away without telling her where they were going. After finally arriving at a restaurant, Megan was relieved that he was not kidnapping her.

During the meal, he behaved extremely rudely toward the server and could not stop talking about how crazy all his exes were.

He also bragged about his car and how much money he had. And not to mention, he spent half the date scrolling on his phone.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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