He Decided To Quietly Change His Will And Decrease His Wife’ Inheritance Without Telling Her Because She Kicked Him Out Of The Delivery Room While Having Their Baby

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Yesterday, this 34-year-old man’s wife, 32, gave birth to their first child. Early on during the delivery, he was in the room with her, and everything was going fine at first.

He held her hand and supported his wife the best he could. His wife’s contractions were irregular and not that painful during her pre-labor.

He expressed to his wife that he loved her and told her she was doing amazing, but he also was careful not to be too talkative so that he didn’t bother her.

“All of a sudden, my wife tells me to ‘Please get out.’ I ask her what happened, and she says she just doesn’t want me there right now,” he said.

He stood frozen in shock for a few seconds, and then the midwife told him that he needed to leave and that she would call security if he didn’t.

This deeply embarrassed him. He was upset that he was kicked out of the delivery room and would no longer be able to support his wife as she gave birth, and it was worse that he was threatened with security if he didn’t leave immediately.

For the entire time they’ve been married, he’s had the sneaking suspicion that his wife wouldn’t have married him if he had a lower-paying job or if he came from a less-wealthy family.

“Her eyes don’t light when I come home from work. I start our long hugs, and she ends them early. Her eyes wander when I’m talking to her,” he explained.

In his view, he loves her way more than she loves him. He clarified that he doesn’t think his wife is a “gold digger.”

Photo 127131588 © Studio113 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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