He Recently Found Out That His Wife Sabotaged His Last Relationship To Be With Him By Creating A Fake Dating Profile Of His Ex-Girlfriend

Photo 43282670 © Nenitorx - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three years ago, this 34-year-old married his wife, 31, and they were in a relationship for a year before their wedding.

They have a 2-year-old child together, and his wife is currently pregnant with their second child. He feels like their marriage and their lives are perfect in every way.

While he believes his wife is his one true love, he discovered something yesterday that made his head spin.

Since before they started dating, he and his wife have been working at the same big company. For quite a while, they were just acquaintances.

Before he got to know her, he thought she was attractive but conceited. They barely ever spoke to each other, and at the time, he wasn’t sure that she knew his name.

The most they saw one another was over one summer when they were part of their office’s dodgeball league.

“I had another girlfriend when I was 28. We met online. She was great, but five months into the relationship, a friend sent me screenshots of an online dating profile with her name and pictures. I confronted her, and she vehemently denied it all. But the evidence was right there, and I couldn’t trust her anymore, so we broke up,” he said.

Only several months after the breakup, he and his now-wife matched on an online dating app and started dating.

Prior to this, they had never really talked much at work.

Photo 43282670 © Nenitorx – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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