She Decided To Leave Her Husband Alone On Christmas To Visit Her Kids Because He Doesn’t Want To Go And Has Ditched Her Family On The Holidays To See His Own For The Past Few Years Anyway

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In 2020, this woman married her husband after dating him for four years. They are in their 50s and have both been married once before.

Her husband has a son, 21, who’s currently in college, and she has three children who are all adults and live on the other side of the country.

For Christmas in 2020, everyone stayed home and celebrated on their own due to the pandemic. In 2021, her children were going to visit for Christmas.

She planned to have everyone in both her and her husband’s immediate families over to their house for Christmas dinner.

Her children, her husband, his son, his two brothers, both of whom are single, and his niece would all be in attendance.

She let her husband know about the plan a month beforehand, and she planned out the food she’d be cooking.

“Christmas Day came, and my husband told me he and his son were leaving to go to his brother’s house for ‘his’ family’s Christmas dinner and would be back later. He ditched me, my kids, and my dinner. Just me and mine. Embarrassing, to say the least,” she said.

Understandably, it was incredibly hurtful to feel unappreciated and ignored on Christmas.

Her husband acted like he had no other choice but to go see his brother rather than spend time with her and her family.

Photo 105378683 © Jeka84 – – illustrative purposes only

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