She Invited A Couple Out On A Double Date, And Her Friend Suggested A More Expensive Restaurant, But Then Her Friend Seemed Upset That She And Her Husband Split The Check Instead Of Footing The Whole Bill

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This woman and her husband recently tied the knot, and at their wedding, they began catching up with one of her guy friends and his girlfriend. So, they eventually said that they all wanted to go out on a double date soon.

On Thanksgiving, she decided to reach out and wish her friend a happy holiday, too. At that point, she also asked if he and his girlfriend were still open to going on a double with her and her husband.

Her friend responded that they were on board, and he proceeded to ask where they should all go out to dinner.

“I made a suggestion for a place that was fairly priced but a little out of the way,” she recalled.

“I also said I would be fine going somewhere closer to them.”

Well, her friend wound up suggesting a different restaurant– which was much more expensive. However, it was closer to where her friend and his girlfriend lived, and she and her husband didn’t really care. So, she agreed on that restaurant, and the double date was all booked.

Once the date actually happened, everything started off great, too. But later, after they all began to wrap up their meal, things became a bit awkward regarding the bill.

It all started when their waitress approached the table and asked if the checks would be together or separate. At that point, she noticed that both her friend and his girlfriend got a bit quiet.

So, her husband spoke up and gestured to both himself and her– telling the waitress that they would be paying together. Then, he claimed that her friend and his girlfriend would be on a separate tab.

Photo 55890796 © Monkey Business Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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