She Left In The Middle Of A Date After He Said Something Insensitive, And He Tried To Chase Her Down

Photo 176913778 © Khrystyna Pochynok - -illustrative purposes only

Have you ever suddenly up and left in the middle of a date because it was going so terribly? If so, you’re not alone.

TikToker Kelly Wood (@kellynicolegotsoul) is talking about how her date tried to chase her down after he said something insensitive.

When she was 22-years-old, she met a guy at a club in Los Angeles. He asked her out multiple times, but she always shot down his advances. Finally, she agreed to go on a date with him one day out of pure boredom and curiosity.

They planned to go out for dinner and a movie. He offered to pick her up from her house, but before he even got to her place, he was already rushing her, telling her to hurry up and get ready. When he arrived, he was in a frenzied state. And he had shown up in the loudest car she had ever heard in her life.

When she tried to pull it open, it was locked. He kept trying to unlock it for her from his seat instead of getting out to open it for her.

After she successfully opened the door, she realized that he was talking on the phone. He was also wearing basketball shorts, a white tank top, a durag, and sandals with dirty socks.

During the drive, she gathered that he was just casually chatting with his friend and that the conversation could’ve taken place at any other time. But for some reason, he thought it was a good idea to have the phone call while on a date.

The whole time he was on the phone, they were also barreling across the freeway at 115 miles per hour. Kelly was extremely uncomfortable and hung onto the grab handles in the car for dear life.

Finally, they reached the spot he had decided on for dinner. It was a bakery-café fast food chain restaurant, which she was not at all impressed with.

Photo 176913778 © Khrystyna Pochynok – -illustrative purposes only

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