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Stealth Bot Computer Spy USB Keylogger Bypasses Anti-Virus Software


There are some unfortunate situations in life where it would be a lot easier if you could find out what they are really doing on the computer. Sure, that is where keyloggers come in – but they aren’t fool-proof, as you have to physically have the keylogger dongle attached to the computer for it to work – and that is hardly efficient if you are trying to spy on someone. That is why the new Stealth Bot Computer Spy is so special. It looks and works like an ordinary USB key and keylogger but it doesn’t have to stay connected to the computer to work. Just plug it in to the computer and it will automatically install everything it needs to record a person’s activities on a computer. You can remove the Stealth Bot after just 5 seconds – you don’t have to leave the device behind attached to the computer. What also makes the Stealth Bot Computer Spy especially unique is that it is virtually undetectable – even anti-virus  and anti-spamming programs won’t pick it up. Furthermore, even if the computer is password protected, the Stealth Bot Computer Spy will still be able to go about covertly monitoring all user accounts. The device lets you store up to 10,000 screenshots and almost unlimited amounts of text. It also catalogs all activity including passwords, keystrokes and web sites visited. And, once you’re ready to find out what they have been up to, all you have to do is insert it back in to the computer and the Stealth Bot will retrieve all the nasty accumulated data. You can pick up the Stealth Bot Computer Spy for $159.95 at Brickhouse Security.