Grasso Releases Lady Diamond Phones for Rich Girly Girls

In an economy like this one, where budget gadgets are soaring and luxury gadgets are failing, it boggles the mind how a mobile phone company like Gresso can stay afloat. Yet, they have two new handsets to release, and these seem to be aimed at the female audience. The Lady Diamond Collection includes Lady Gold in bright red and Ultramarine in a deep blue. "Not just a collection, Lady Gold is an ode to femininity,  to elegance and to beauty. It has been created to astonish and win the hearts at first sight." Well it could be worse we suppose, they could have colored it a patronizing pink. Supposedly, red stands for passion and affection, and the case has been coated with several layers of high-tech ceramic of magenta diamond color. Meanwhile the blue represents a blending of strength and serenity. The backs of the phone sport a transparent sapphire material which allows users to admire their phones innards, while the case of the phone is ceramic covered in titanium with keys made of 18k gold. Both handsets are a limited edition with only 15 pieces available, so, um, get them while their hot. Under the hood the phone is running Windows Mobile 6.0 with 2GB of memory, a 2MP camera, and GPRS data. You can pick one up for 4800 Euro / $6500 USD.

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