Philips SBD8100 Rotation Dock Speaker and Other New iPod Docks

Philips also unveiled some stylish and compact iPod docks.

The DC190 Contemporary iPod Docking Station & Alarm Clock has a neat mirrored finish for a display. It also has a convenient iPod dock that can fold in to the clock base when not in use. Other features include 20 FM radio presets and the ability to access music from other digital audio players via MP3-link. It’s available now for just $49.99.

In a world of way too many iPod/iPhone docks, the SBD8100 Rotation Dock Speaker for iPod(which was announced earlier in the year) is definitely one of the more unique ones. The speaker system includes a remote control and a motorized rotating dock. What for you ask? So that you can switch your iPhone or iPod touch between horizontal and vertical views with the touch of a button. The system also promises a rich stereo sound experience with no mobile interference. The device is also designed to be rugged and can optionally be battery powered to use on he go. It retails for $149.99.

The Philips DC315 Docking Entertainment System is pretty standard when it comes to features, but it has a pretty swanky design. Spec wise it will charge and play your iPod, it has an FM tuner, MP3 link for other portable music players, it can gently awake with an increasing alarm volume, plus it also has dual alarm settings for weekdays and weekends.

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