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Exclusive of Ball-IT in Action as it Tries to Blow Wii Away

ball it

ball itProbably THE coolest development in video games EVER, Ball-IT will revolutionize gaming. Based out of Finland, Ball-IT requires no hand held controller. You don’t even need a specific gaming system. All you need is the fun, bouncy ball the size of a golf ball. Using wireless sensor technology, the ball senses your movement and controls your avatar within the games. The ball syncs with your mobile phone or PC using Bluetooth so you can use it as a game controller, 3D model controller, pedometer & calorie counter, as well as a remote control for your PC. It is the first wireless platform that implements 6 degrees of freedom motion control. Depending on the game, that could mean throwing the ball, squeezing the ball, or moving the ball within the game. You buy the ball and 6 games from an Apps store for around $55 USD, the same price as any regular PC game, and you’re ready to play. The game lets you give your ball a personality with a custom avatar. Even if you go to a friend’s house, the ball will remember your avatar and you can be yourself even while gaming at a friend’s house. Games range from karate chopping wood (hold the ball in your hand and hiya!), running (put the ball in your pocket and run as fast as you can), basketball (throw the ball up in the air), etc. Launching in the near future, the Ball-IT is guaranteed fun and is predicted to give Nintendo Wii a run for its money. It was a sight to see in person, so we will just have to wait and see when it makes it way here finally.

Check out the long jump game! With the ball in his pocket, Peter demonstrates how the sensor can sense his speed and the height of his jump to reflect on the long jump.