TouchTec iPhone Gloves Review

_DSC0186We received a sample pair from Gasper Gloves that use TouchTec technology. We had previously seen a demo of some TouchTec gloves in action and had briefly tried them out. And finally I got to spend some serious time with a pair of my own. The black leather pair that I received is lined with a very soft and very warm fleece lining. It has gotten very cold in New York this past week, so the timing couldn’t be better to be using these gloves. I can’t describe what a treat it is to be able to use my iPhone outside in the cold without having to pull off my gloves. I’ve become the envy of my peers whose hands still shiver everytime they use their smartphone outdoors.

When wearing the gloves, I can dial, surf the web, and operate all my apps without a problem. I can even text message, although it is a little bit more difficult than doing so without the gloves, just because the gloves do add a layer of thickness around your fingers. I’ve also tried out the gloves on a MyTouch 3G, a Windows Mobile smartphone with haptic feedback, and on my MacBook Pro’s multi-gesture enabled trackpad. In each scenario the gloves worked fluidly on the touchscreen device I was using. As a matter of fact, it was as if I wasn’t wearing a pair of gloves at all.

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In contrast, previously I had used Tavo’s pair of iPod gloves, and like many other iPhone gloves out there, their gloves only have touchscreen compatible material at the tip of the index finger and thumb. My experience with those gloves are that they just barely do the job. Their touchscreen material doesn’t cover the entire glove- or even all of your finger tips the way TouchTec does, their touchscreen enabled material doesn’t work as responsively as TouchTec’s technology, and the pair I had used also started rubbing out after just a few outings.


Gaspar Gloves is currently offering up a selection of gloves with TouchTec technology, in an assortment of different styles with different linings. The gloves pricing is upwards of $200. But that isn’t all that much when you consider that a pair of high quality designer leather gloves would cost you about the same price, and that is without TouchTec technology. However there are several other fashion oriented manufacturers that will be producing more TouchTec gloves soon. For the meantime, the most affordable pair of gloves with TouchTec technology that you can get is for $99 at eGlovz. Either way, don’t be fooled by the $30 pair of iPhone gloves that you might see advertised somewhere. TouchTec technology is a cut above the rest and really can’t be compared to these other iPod gloves. If you can afford TouchTec gloves and you’re a smartphone owner with a touchscreen, then you will absolutely love these gloves.

The Good: TouchTec technology works excellently on touchscreen devices, truly mimics the human hand, glove is made of high quality materials and is very warm
The Bad: On the pricey side

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  1. I totally get that these are designer gloves, but some of these gloves cost more than my iphone. Dots gloves may not be as sleek or as techie advanced, but they are made from merino wool, made in the USA, and only cost $20. Sold.

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