iriver Unleashes Black Hello Kitty Swarovski Laden MP3 Player

p_02So Hello Kitty is too pink for you, eh? Hey, we can totally agree with that sentiment. Many of us prefer black over pink, yet we still have a fondness for Hello Kitty. The new Hello Kitty Music Player Premium DX might be perfect for those of you who agree with that sentiment. This MP3 player from iriver Japan is available in 2 versions – one with Hello Kitty’s signature bow, and one where she is wearing a simple flower. Both the flower and the bow are covered in Swarovski crystals, because it couldn’t be complete without over the top Swarvski crystals! Inside you get a not too shabby 4GB of internal memory, and support for MP3 and WMA files, all in a very small body measuring 45.2×35.5×18.0 mm and weighing just 16g. Matching black headphones and a USB cable are included as well. The Hello Kitty Music Player Premium DX retails for $110, but unfortunately at the moment it’s only available in Japan.


(Via CrunchGear)

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