Speck Fitted Artsprojekt Cases Review for iPhone 3G/3GS

_DSC0456The Speck Fitted Artsprojekt Cases, as we reported back in December, are a deviation for Speck from their usual pinstripe and relatively reserved designs. This new collection is vast and exclusive to Speck and features designs from the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network. There are currently only three of these cases available so far, and the one that struck me the most was Cutie Pie. I guess it could be the red hair or maybe the teddy bear hood – who knows…

We received some samples of the Speck Fitted Artsprojekt Cases. This Speck fitted case is comprised of a hard shell case with a soft fabric which has the artwork printed on it. It’s durable yet lightweight and also includes a plastic frame that snaps on to the front of the iPhone. Installation was easy, all you need to do is place the back portion of the case on the back of the iPhone and then snap the second portion into place from the front of the iPhone.

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The Speck Artsprojekt Fitted case is pretty lightweight and when you hold it in your hand it doesn’t feel like you are holding a brick or something bulky, like a lot of the other iPhone cases tend to feel. The soft fabric also doesn’t make your palms sweat and contours to your hand nicely. The case also leaves openings for ports and buttons. The only issue with the case I would foresee is that since it is wrapped in fabric, you’ll have to be a bit careful not to get it dirty because it can probably absorb stains and dirt. If it did get dirty, I would be nervous to use a hard a chemical to attempt to clean it and then possibly harm the design.

Overall, the Speck Artsprojekt case is a unique standout case in a very crowded marketplace of iPhone cases and accessories. It showcases not only originality but also functionality with a strong design and sturdy case. As we mentioned earlier, there are currently only three designs available: Cutie Pie, Disease #2, and Love and Death, but many more will be launching as the months go by. We actually got a sneak peek at a few of them at CES and met with the designer behind Love and Death who was as excited as we were with the lineup. He also also hinted at some collaborations with Speck that may go beyond just iPhone cases – only time will tell. In the meantime you can purchase the Speck Artsprojekt Fitted cases from Zazzle for $39.95.

The Good: Unique design concept, colorful and artsy designs, case is easy to grip and easy to set-up

The Bad: The soft fabric can get dirty if you’re not careful


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  1. is it alright if i dont snap on the second portion of the case (the one being placed in the front) ? or is it a “must”? and isn’t it hard to remove the case from the iphone? because i’m having troubles removing my speck candyshell from my iphone 3GS.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Yes you must snap the two pieces together. And yes, it is a bit difficult to remove from the iPhone, you’ll have to snap them apart

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