Netbook Mate Turns Your Netbook into a Laptop – Sorta

netbookmateSo we all love our Netbooks, but sometimes we do miss the optical drive and ports that were removed to make the Netbook compact and weigh less. That’s where the Netbook Mate comes in handy. It features a slide in/out 2.5″ removable drive, a DVD-RW optical drive, two built-in USB ports and a cooling fan. All you need to do is connect the Netbook Mate to your netbook’s USB port and you’re netbook will be a few steps closer to being a full fledged laptop. The Netbook Mate fits on to most Netbooks from 8 inches to 11 inches in size. Honestly, if you need to lug this around though, you might as well just chuck the Netbook altogether and get yourself a real laptop, so this is really more suitable to be left at home on your desk.  The Netbook Mate retails for about $144 at select online retailers.

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