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AT&T ZERO Draw Charger Reduces Your Electric Bill When Your Cellphone Isn’t Charging


303_krakos_zero_AA000IDVThe AT&T ZERO Charger is looking to be the first of its kind to eliminate wasted electricity by sensing when a cell phone is not plugged in to a charger and then cutting off the power supply from the wall socket.  It also improves charging efficiency when powering a device. The ZERO Charger works with most USB powered devices, so that means that by using it, you could potentially eliminate the amount of chargers you have lying around, which can ultimately lead to cutting the number of chargers produced, therefore cutting landfill waste.  Really, the concept of the AT&T Zero Charger is similar to a lot of the newer power strips out there that also help to cut out the ‘vampire load’ that many gadgets and AC Adapters have a tendency to use up. The AT&T ZERO charger will be available in May in AT&T stores nationwide, and it will supposedly cost the same amount as most replacement chargers cost.