LuxAddiction Blinged Cases for Your Droid and BlackBerry is 3D Artwork

cases1I have seen plenty of cellphone cases but these just take the cake. These bejeweled works of art for your cellphone is from a site called LuxAddiction. What makes them standout from your typical hardshell slider case is that they feature 3D jeweled designs. It’s like a piece of artwork in your hand. And the iPhone is not the only phone that to gets wear it – they make cases for your  BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Nexus One, and Droid too. If your phone matches what they have already made you are in luck. If not, you can choose from a set of designs and have a custom case made for your cellphone.  The prices aren’t outrageous either at $79.95 –  cas2cases4I mean the details are outstanding. If you want a more subdued case, they have those also at $19.95 but what fun is that! However good luck trying to hold this thing in your hand.


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